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2012-06-19, 10:07 | Kickstarter, Outgrow.me, Reddit, Web,

Bra idé, snyggt och prydligt.

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2012-03-22, 13:28 | Reddit, Karl Pilkington, Kina, An idiot abroad, TV, Humor,

It’s just alright.

It’s just alright.

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Reddit, secret santa 2011

2011-11-02, 08:59 | Reddit, Secret santa,

Var med och ge/få något kul till/från en främling.

Sign-ups begin on November 1st. On November 25th signups end and you will receive your match. Use your best Internet skills to find out as much as you can about your match, pick out the perfect gift for them and ship it by December 12th. When you receive your gift, post photos and thanks on redditgifts! Easy!

2011-09-30, 12:30 | Reddit, Julian Assange, Mark Zuckerberg, Humor, Politik,

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2011-08-08, 12:02 | Kaffe, Astronomi, Foto, Reddit,

Kaffe för astronomer.

Kaffe för astronomer.

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Reddit playlister

2011-03-24, 13:27 | Reddit, Mjukvara, Musik,

This is a playlist tool for Reddit which allows you to listen to subreddits. Select a subreddit where people post links to YouTube or Soundcloud, and it will try to play them all for you. Once it has started playing, all you have to do is let it go!

Kan rekommendera subredditen “futuregarage”

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URL Hunter

2011-03-09, 17:13 | Datorspel, Webutveckling, Reddit, Hacker news,

Fantastisk idé! Ett spel som spelas i din webläsares adressfält.

Look up at the url bar! You are the O! You are trying to kill the a's. Use the Left and Right keys to move. When you are over an a press spacebar to kill it!

Via Reddit och Hacker news.

Javaprogrammeringsartiklar av Keith D Gregory

2011-03-08, 16:39 | Keith D Gregory, Java, Programmering, Artikel, Reddit,

Blandade ämnen. Via Reddit.

2011-01-21, 13:30 | Python, Programmering, Kod, Reddit,

Bugs that manifest randomly are the way to go:

import random
True, False = random.sample([True,False],2)
del locals()[random.choice(locals().keys())]

Comment on Python subreddit regarding you can assign to True.


2010-07-27, 09:46 | Reddit, Vetenskap, Forskning,

A place to discuss Research Papers, Conference Proceedings, Books, and Lectures on Computer Science in all its forms.

2010-03-02, 22:16 | Peter Norvig, AI, Google, Reddit,

reddit.com Interviews Peter Norvig