Artikel: Börja med Processing för Android

2010-09-30, 16:52 | Processing, Android, Programmering, Create digital motion,

Create Digital Motion har en artikel uppe med titeln “Getting Started with Processing for Android”.

with one, elegant API, you can “sketch” visual ideas on screens from an Android phone to a browser to a projection or installation. As a prototyping tool, or for finished projects, that makes it an exceptional, expressive tool for making interactive visuals for screens.

2010-06-29, 09:49 | DJ Sasha, Create digital motion, Audiovisuellt,

DJ Sasha live visuals. Via Createdigitalmotion.

Teaser: Processing is Coming to Android

2009-12-15, 09:59 | Create digital motion, Processing, Android, Google, Kod,

CDM rapporterar om att Processing är på väg till Android. iPhone vs Android lutar allt mer åt Android för mig.

2009-12-10, 10:55 | Konst, The particle, Alex Posada, Create digital motion,

Create digital motion:

The Particle” is a kinetic sculpture produced at Barcelona’s visual arts workshop Hangar by software and interactive audiovisual artist Alex Posada. Packed with custom electronics and using XBee for wireless communications, the creation responds to the space around it, transforming movement into color and sound. It’s perhaps the perfect response to advances in particle physics; just as unseen particles are, the orb is entangled with what happens around it. Rings of colored LED lights rotate in rings by a motor, and surround sound makes the audio response spatialized, as well. Skip halfway into the video and see this thing in motion – epileptic visitors may want to avoid this creation. Rapid gyrations make the life of the object mysterious, turning the fixed structure of the sculpture into a hypnotic, indeterminate phenomenon. Switched off, the sculpture is rigid and mechanical-looking, but switched on, it becomes something magically ephemeral.

2009-07-29, 09:26 | Create Digital Motion, UrbanScreen, 555 Kubik, Audiovisuellt,

Projecering på fasad. Snyggt och välgjort men tycker konceptet är lite tunnt. Tänk dig något liknande fast läskigare och mer urflippat med ännu mer skumma ljudeffekter och musikaktiga snuttar.

UrbanScreen är det som skapat renderingen som de kallar för 555 KubiK. Via CDM.

2009-07-08, 12:34 | Augmented Reality, Spel, Datorspel, Forskning, Grafik, Video, Create Digital Motion,

Demo på ett forskningsprojekt om Augmented Reality -spel.

Via CDM.

"Projection as Augmented Reality: Mapping Magic, Made with vvvv"

2008-10-28, 18:34 | Konst, VVVV, Audiovisuellt, Create digital motion,

Conventional projection hasn’t come very far since the magic lantern days of a century or so ago. Projector + flat, rectangular surface = image. But naturally, with computers, it’s possible to do far more.

The idea is to contextualize a projection in its surroundings, and give the illusion that instead of being simply a rectangular surface (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the image interacts with the reality of a space, objects, and surroundings the way we’d expect.