Doing mobile development with Clojure/Clojurescript

2014-01-08, 16:22 | Clojure, Clojurescript, mobile development, iOS, Android, Titanium, PhoneGap,

I’m interested in doing some development for mobile phones. Naturally I’d like my endeavors to have the possibility to reach the largest possible audience - iOS and Android. But I’d also like to exercise my Clojure skills. What are my possibilities here?

I’ve googled a bit without finding very much. I found a post on Vinod Kurup’s blog about Clojurescript + PhoneGap which is interesting, but it’s from 2011. For Titanium it’s even worse, I could only find a gist by jolby with a toy example.

Anyone know where to look for better sample code or information? Is there something else besides PhoneGap or Titanium that I should look for?

  1. r4vi answered: you can always go native with lein-fruit and lein-droid
  2. michaelblume answered: If you’re ok with targeting just Android,… is a thing
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