Sonic Pi

2014-10-01, 09:55 | Sonic Pi, Live coding, Music, Sound, Programming,

Audible Computing.

A free sound synthesiser for live coding designed to support computing and music lessons within schools.
Use code to compose and perform in classical and contemporary styles ranging from Canons to Dubstep.

Check out a sample piece live coded by toxi (code)

Strange Loop

2014-09-22, 09:52 | Strange loop, Programming, Tech talks,

A ton of interesting talks!

Why Racket? Why Lisp?

2014-08-22, 00:32 | Lisp, Racket, Programming,

A good summary of some of the cool things about Lisp (and Racket, which I’ve never been in contact with).

2014-08-18, 07:02 | ETQ, Sneakers, Shoes,

ETQ High Top 1 Maroon
I need these!

ETQ High Top 1 Maroon

I need these!

2014-08-01, 20:44 | Academy of Sciences, Photography,

Academy of Sciences

Music in SF

2014-07-25, 18:19 | Music, kevin saunderson, sigha, marcel fengler, plaid, jon hopkins, kastle, Four Tet, julio bashmore, eliot lipp, blue sky black death, techno,

It’s nice to be in a city were a lot of good artists stop by on their tours.

So far I’ve managed to see:

and plan to go to Four tet on august 22. Maybe also Julio Bashmore on august 2?

I missed Kastle and Eliot lipp yesterday though (I prioritized Jon Hopkins). Also missed blue sky black death when I chose Plaid over them.

T • E • T • H • E • R

2014-07-12, 01:07 | Music, Plaid, Video, Audio visual,

Plaid live tonight @ 1015 Folsom, SF. Excitement.

2014-07-11, 04:49 | Photography, San fransisco,

Foggy San Francisco. <3

Foggy San Francisco. <3

Widmanstätten pattern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2014-06-17, 08:12 | Widmanstätten, Pattern, Wikipedia,

Nice pattern.

BTW I’m Currently residing in SF (short term work assignment), gonna be here for 3 months. Good stuff so far!

Been settling in, so that’s why I’ve been extra slacking with the blog.

2014-05-24, 12:48 | Clojure, Art, Code, Audiovisual, Live coding,

Repl Electric - the-stars

Live coded in Overtone and Shadertone using Clojure.
Performed in London.

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2014-05-20, 21:52 | seinfeld,

: ^ )

: ^ )

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2014-05-14, 22:27 | Kraftwerk, Malik Bendjelloul,

Documentary about Kraftwerk by Malik Bendjelloul. RIP Malik.

Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods – Something Similar

2014-05-02, 20:54

Great stuff. Related:

Source tweet

2014-05-01, 15:13 | Posca, Project, Unuil,

Unuil, spray paint and posca on wood. 2014
This started as a Quil sketch.

Unuil, spray paint and posca on wood. 2014

This started as a Quil sketch.

Remember Raev?

2014-04-06, 13:04 | Clojure, Raev, Projects, Colourlovers, Quil,

Almost a year ago I posted about a clojure client I hacked together. Today I decided to put it up on github finally. No changes what so ever since then, sadly. I hope it still works, heh.

I also included the messy example Quil sketch that generates the images seen in my blog post as a gist link in the

Raev at github

Bear in mind that I’m still very much learning Clojure. As such the code is what it is. Not very good.