Remember Raev?

2014-04-06, 13:04 | Clojure, Raev, Projects, Colourlovers, Quil,

Almost a year ago I posted about a clojure client I hacked together. Today I decided to put it up on github finally. No changes what so ever since then, sadly. I hope it still works, heh.

I also included the messy example Quil sketch that generates the images seen in my blog post as a gist link in the

Raev at github

Bear in mind that I’m still very much learning Clojure. As such the code is what it is. Not very good.

2014-03-26, 19:19 | Clojure, Clojure/West, John Hughes, QuickCheck, Erlang, Testing,

John Hughes - Testing the Hard Stuff and Staying Sane

Excellent keynote talk by John Hughes (of QuickCheck fame) at Clojure/West 2014.

2014-03-16, 20:08


Turbulence: Watercolor + Magic

First in a series of geometric watercolour paintings using an industrial robot arm, put together by Dr. Woohoo - video embedded below:

This is the first experiment by Dr. Woohoo in a series that explores the relationship between a robot + a artist with the objective of enhancing what is creatively possible by combining the strengths of each, while using watercolors as the natural media.

Music: Kid Koala

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2014-03-09, 18:33 | Quil, Clojure, Processing, Programming, Sketch,

Today’s unfinished Quil sketch, not sure where it’s headed…

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2014-03-09, 18:29 | Nodation, Yotau,



Simple musical web toy by Szymon Kaliski lets you create music with network graphs:

Nodation is experimental take on playing music using graph structures.

  • To create playing node, click anywhere on the screen.
  • To connect nodes, hover over one of them, and drag line to another one.
  • To remove nodes, drag them to bottom red part of the screen.
  • You can save your creations, and share output URL.

Try it out for yourself here

Awesome! I tried to do something similar way back; Yotau.

(via notational)

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Functional Reactive Programming with games/graphics in Scala

2014-02-23, 23:19 | Scala, Programming, FRP, Games, LWJGL,

Okay, so I looked a bit at Elm and really like the ideas it has with FRP. This weekend I really wanted to practice some Scala though, so I thought that a good exercise would be to get LWJGL up and running together with scala.rx.

I have the minimal up and running. Will need to do some more tinkering to get where I want. Will post updates.

Interesting links in the meantime:

λ λ λ λ

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2014-02-16, 16:13 | Clojure, Quil, Processing, Markov chains,

Generating images with Markov chains - take two!

I was pretty disappointed with the result of the first take. The first version’s implementation was basically:

Read in all pixels of the source image. Record the color frequency of the pixel’s right neighbor. Pick a random color from the source input, plot it at 0,0. From that color, get the next color from the frequency data (there can be several possibilities here, pick one “randomly” wheighted by frequency). Plot the next one at 1,0.. rinse and repeat until the whole screen/window is full.

Not surprisingy the results were very one dimensional. And varied very little in charcteristics.

This new version records every pixels surrounding neighbors (left, right, top, bottom), and uses that data to plot. Unfortunately it wasn’t much better, all images come out as sort of marble-like textures. It’s not bad, but I hoped for more interesting results. I’ve left out the source images intentionally, since they don’t have much impact on the result besides color.

Combining several source images is easy, and one such result can be seen here in image 2.

So how could I improve on this further? I think color alone won’t do. I need to also take position into account somehow. Maybe something to think about and try to hack next weekend.

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2014-02-09, 15:22 | Quil, Processing, Clojure, Markov chains,

Markov generated pictures (scaled up) with the mustache mona lisa as input.

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Toy compojure example

2014-01-30, 22:05 | Clojure, Compojure, Code, Gist, Github,


  • lein new compojure myproject
  • lein ring server
  • Populate the “database”: curl -X PUT localhost:3000/foo/something/45
  • Get stuff: curl localhost:3000/foo/something
  • Same as above: curl localhost:3000/something

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Cucumber VM option

2014-01-13, 13:48 | Cucumber, Testing, ATDD,

Tip of the day:

While working on Cucumber scenarios tag them with @wip and add this to your test runner:

-Dcucumber.options=”—tags @wip”

Doing mobile development with Clojure/Clojurescript

2014-01-08, 16:22 | Clojure, Clojurescript, mobile development, iOS, Android, Titanium, PhoneGap,

I’m interested in doing some development for mobile phones. Naturally I’d like my endeavors to have the possibility to reach the largest possible audience - iOS and Android. But I’d also like to exercise my Clojure skills. What are my possibilities here?

I’ve googled a bit without finding very much. I found a post on Vinod Kurup’s blog about Clojurescript + PhoneGap which is interesting, but it’s from 2011. For Titanium it’s even worse, I could only find a gist by jolby with a toy example.

Anyone know where to look for better sample code or information? Is there something else besides PhoneGap or Titanium that I should look for?

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2013-11-19, 10:11 | Clojure, Schema, Core.typed, Functional Programming,

A less formal (and only provides runtime checks) alternative to core.typed.


2013-11-14, 15:43 | Elixir, Erlang, OTP, Functional programming, Rabaq, Project,

Latest Elixir project. Will hopefully be more than just a toy. Had a blast learning about OTP, still loads left to grasp of course.

2013-11-09, 16:15 | Photos, Hong Kong, Cyberpunk,

Some photos from Hong Kong that reminds me of some Cyberpunk aesthetics.

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2013-11-04, 17:34 | Erlang, Rmq-tools, RabbitMQ, AMQP, Software,

Do you use RabbitMQ? Need some simple tool(s) to send and consume messages? Then check this out, written by a colleague.